Uganda is without doubt one of Africa’s finest safari destinations.

Nicknamed ‘The Pearl of Africa’ the landlocked country of Uganda attracts many visitors each year who become fascinated with its rich culture, diversity of people, exotic wildlife and rich ecosystems. The country boasts some beautiful national parks that are home to a variety of plants, birds and animal species.

It has Kenya to the east, South Sudan to the North, Democratic Republic of Congo to the West, Rwanda to the South West and Tanzania to the South. Though Landlocked, it shares Lake Victoria with Kenya and Tanzania.

Accessed through Entebbe International Airport, Uganda is gifted by nature and is served by international airlines namely; SN Brussels, Turkish airlines, KLM, Qatar, Emirates, Ethiopia airlines, Rwanda Air etc… It will take you approximately 53 minutes (43.6 Km) to reach Kampala, the Capital City of Uganda, a hive of activity where over 50 cultures meet and become one. If not in a hurry, it is the starter to a never-ending coarse meal of adventure. Uganda’s currency is the shilling and major foreign currencies are easily obtainable through forex bureaux.

The weather is, for a good part of the year, sunny. When it’s shining, the streets of down-town Kampala are buzzing with activity, dotted with make-shift vendor stalls, selling anything and everything to a population of over 1.507 million people (Kampala alone.) You can start with a mingled tour of the streets of Kampala, kissed, perhaps a tad too friskily, by the unrelenting sunshine rays, pick up plenty of locally-made precious items that represent the vast Ugandan cultural heritage catalogue, nudge the unaltered state of activity in Kampala, and weave your own narrative.

There is plenty of sightseeing to do. Start with the rich Uganda Museum, arguably the oldest in the East and Central African region. Located on Kira road, Kamwokya, a 15 minutes drive from down-town Kampala, it is the official register of the cultural heritage of the 52 tribes of the different regions of Uganda. It is also home to musical instruments, cars, ancient kingdom paraphernalia and colonial era presidential telephones etc.

Visit the famous Kasubi Tombs, perched on Kasubi hill, where the Kabakas (Kings) of the biggest Buganda Kingdom are resting. Today, the same place is where the Buganda Kingdom rituals, preserved for centuries are held.

There is also the Wamala Tomb, located 12km northwest of Kampala, the former palace and resting place of Kabaka Suuna, Kabaka Muteesa 1’s father. The tomb is armed with royal artifacts, ranging from spears, arrows, bows, shields to drums and clothes.

Kampala is also home to the Ugandan Parliament, on Parliamentary Avenue. You can also visit the Bahai House of Worship regarded as the Mother Temple of Africa for the Bahai Faith. The Nagalabi coronation site in Budo, where ancient and recent coronations of the Kabakas takes place. If you are Performing-artsy savvy, visit The Ndere Center in Kisasi, thrown 5.6 Km away from the busy Kampala and enjoy extensive display of cultural performances.

Kampala is graced with hotels that cater to a wide range of tastes. Enjoy your stay at the luxurious Kampala Serena, Protea by Marriott, Sheraton, Kabira Country club, Silver springs, Fairway hotel, Golf-course hotel, Hotel Africana to mention but a few. Name your budget and you will be accommodated. Amenities include, conference facilities, swimming pools, wifi, fine dining and bars that cater for a low budget as well as an upscale client