We are based and operating from London (united Kingdom) and have positioned ourselves to provide a complete safari experience.
We seek to differentiate ourselves as the premier adventure Safari operator into the whole of the East African region, maximizing our unique advantage and operational effect of our indigenous nature to the East African region, having been born, raised and started our careers as drivers, rising through ranks into management in the tourism sector in the early 1990’s, an experience spanning two decades.

We pride ourselves on the vast knowledge of the region as we would the back of our hands and yet being based and operating from a major European city (London) gives our clientele peace of mind because of our strategic professional approach and the European strict regulation.
We place a great emphasis on Eco-tourism and holding ourselves to high standards, emphasizing comfort, and being informative to enable our clientele have a greater appreciation of the eco-friendly natural environment, its intricacies and a complete and unique unforgettable East African experience.
Trust us for your unforgettable East African safari experience.


We cater to a standard…..Not a price



Simba Safaris Ltd objectives will revolve around the provision of a unique quality service and an unforgettable experience to our customers in the process fully satisfying their holiday and safari needs. We will provide our clients with a complete safari package which includes flights, airport, hotels and lodges transfer, transportation and tour guides for a complete holiday experience.
We have a highly regarded team with a vast experience having started out in tourism as drivers and guides in the early 1990s rising through ranks on a journey spanning over two decades.